Original Drawings

All my original drawings are created on acid-free drawing paper. My full name, date of creation, a title are handwritten on the back, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Please note that artwork will not be framed.

Please send me an email to purchase original drawings. Make sure to include the title of the drawing and your country. If you live in Canada or US please include your post/zip code in your email. I will calculate estimated shipping cost and email you to confirm. I will mail your drawing via Canada Post Standard Shipping if you prefer (tracking and coverage are not included), but you are choosing this option at your own risk, and I'm not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.

All prices are in US dollars, and they do not include shipping. Payments are accepted via PayPal, and full payment is due prior to any of the items being shipped. I do accept instalment for orders $200 and up. Please contact me. Instalments are not refundable whether fully or partially completed.

I retain copyright and printing/publishing rights for all purchased original artwork. All sales of originals are final. By ordering, you agree to my terms and conditions.

Mayumi Ogihara

4x6 and Up

Now Or Never ($275)
Celestial ($350)
Shades of Violet ($350)
Floral ($350)
Snow White and Rose Red ($325)
Sunset Ball ($300)
To The Moon And Stars ($325)
Winter Bride ($90)
Beastly Beauty ($300)
Foxy Witch ($150)
Spirit Guide Dream ($300)
Autumn Masquerade ($300)
Song of the Ocean ($300)
Moon Child ($150)
Light of Hope ($250)
Forbidden Fruit  ($150)
The Astrologer  ($300)
Butterfly Maiden ($275)
April Mist ($300)
Gothic Lolita ($250)
Persephone ($325)
Enchantress ($300)
Happily Ever After ($300)
Midnight Rhapsody ($250)
First Christmas ($150)
Danse Macabre  ($250)
Dark Fairy Tale: Rapunzel ($150)
Dark Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty ($150)
Touch of Autumn ($150)
Art Nouveau Mermaid ($300)
Cosmetic Aquatica ($120)
Forever is a long time ($300)
Midnights Summer Dream ($325)
Black Iris ($150)
Absinthe ($350)
Secret Kiss ($120)
Venetian mask ($150)
Crimson Wings ($350)
The Wonderland ($350)
Witchling ($150)
Little Lady Witch ($150)
The Brew ($100)
Twilight Magic ($90)
Elegance ($300)
Faun ($90)
Hidden Treasure ($350)
Hush ($250)
Rain Fairy ($250)
Mermaid's Treasure ($300)
Messengers of Light ($200)
Wake the Magic Within ($250)
Awakening of Spring Goddess ($275)
Beauty and the Beast ($300)
A Promise of Forever ($200)
Ice Maiden ($95)
Stardancer ($250)
Onyx Wings ($275)
Auburn Beauty ($150)
The Witching Hour ($80)
Eyes As Cold As Ice ($90)
Jewel of the Deep ($85)
The Last Candle ($250)
Solitude ($120)
Phoenix Shapeshifter ($300)
Veiled Beauty ($300)
Forbidden ($300)
Dawn ($250)
Oracle ($300)
The Key ($250)
Dream Seeker ($300)
The Green Fairy ($200)
Lady of the Forest ($250)
Dreaming on Aquamarine Tides ($300)
Midnight Masquerade ($200)
What Dreams May Come ($275)
Christmas Fae ($200)
Ice Queen ($250)
Spirited Away ($400)
Adora's Secret Garden ($80)
Surrender to the Darkness ($80)
Creatures of Night ($200)
Dreamweaver ($350)
Medusa ($400)
Papillon ($400)
Siren's Gift ($275)
Touch of Magic ($400)
Weather Witch ($350)
Allure ($250)
Mayfly ($250)
Through Innocent Eyes ($400)
Vulnerable ($250)
Unearthly ($250)
Deep Blue Sea ($250)
The Fairest of Them All ($300)
Frozen ($250)
Autumn Kiss ($400)
I Do Believe In Fairies ($350)
Predator ($400)
Silence ($120)
Mermaid ($275)
Contemplation ($300)
Do I Have to Dance? ($180)
Spring Beauty ($250)
The Four Elements: Wind ($300)
The Four Elements: Earth ($300)
The Four Elements: Water ($300)
The Four Elements: Fire ($300)
Angel Dreams ($350)
Oiran ($400)


Wildflower ($20)
A New Day ($15)

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