Eraser Tutorial

Erasers are very useful to create interesting drawings. I use 4 types of erasers; regular soft plastic eraser, kneaded eraser, stick eraser, and electric eraser.

1. sharpened stick eraser
2. cut-up soft plastic eraser
3. kneaded eraser, formed into a blade
4. draw lines with cut-up eraser, then pull kneaded eraser away from the line.
5. electric eraser (you can draw even smaller dots if you sharpen the tip)
6. electric eraser
7. kneaded eraser, formed into a cylinder shape and press the flat part lightly on paper
8. kneaded eraser, form round tip and press it on paper, twist a few times
9. kneaded eraser, flattened and pull lightly on paper

Here is a few steps of how I drew glowing fish. I applied charcoal powder with a cotton ball to the dark area, making sure to keep the glowing part nice and clean. With 4H and 2H pencils added shadow around the fish. To draw something white or glowing, since you can't make it any whiter than the colour of paper, you need to darken the surrounding area.

More graphite added.

... and even more. White acrylic paint was added to fish.

If you'd like to know how I draw hair, here is my Hair Tutorial.
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