Tools of the Trade

Hello, my name is Mayumi Ogihara. I'm a pencil artist from BC, Canada. I have been posting my artwork on DeviantArt and Facebook for sometime, and once in a while people ask me questions such as what kind of pencils I use for my drawings. I thought this is a great topic for my first blog entry... Tools of the Trade!

1. Scott Shop Towel
It's heavy-duty workshop paper towel. Very soft but sturdy. I find it's perfect for blending.

2. Dusting Brush
Never blow off eraser dust!

3. Blending Stump/Tortillion for blending small area.
I also use used blending stump for shading.

4. Kneaded Eraser
Use it for lifting graphite and 'drawing' white lines.

5. Plastic Eraser (I like Pentel and Tombow brand)
I cut them up to create sharp corner for 'drawing' clean white lines. I also keep some small round ones for erasing small areas.

6. Derwent Electric Eraser and Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick (Papermate)
I sharpen them by using a sandpaper block (or by simply rubbing them on paper). They are used for 'drawing' white dots or white lines.

7. Mechanical Pencils - 2B (0.5mm) & B (0.3mm)
Choose the ones you feel comfortable holding.
I use 2B (0.5mm) for majority of my drawings, and use 0.3mm one for fine details.

8. Drawing Pencils
I have 4H Derwent pencil (black one) but I really like using Staedtler Mars Lumograph. If you want to achieve really dark black, I recommend using Mars 7B and 8B.
Look at the image below, and compare Prismacolor Turquoise 8B and Staedtler Mars 8B. Actually, Prismacolor 8B isn't much different from Staedtler 6B. I've heard Mars 7B and 8B are carbon based. I've never found any information regarding this but they are 'sticky' and matte-finish like carbon, whereas graphite is smooth/slippery and shiny.

In my next post I'll share how I use those different types of erasers :)

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